I give up, don’t know if I’m watching the football World Cup or the world diving championships. Just watch the slow mo replays, how embarrassing !

Another Aussie Legend Gone

Jim keays

9/9/1946 - 13/6/2014


Bernard Patrick “Doc” Neeson

4/1/1947 - 4/6/2014


Fuck you Joe Hockey

Alright for you and your politician buddies on half a million dollars a year! There was a reason I didn’t vote for your boss.

Car crash cover up?

Didn’t Buddy suffer from a seizure pre season? Would explain his poor driving skills!

My own little piece of W.A

So I think I just purchased a house!

early whitesnake - day tripper (beatles cover)

Flight MH370

With so many ships criss crossing the Indian Ocean to Fremantle and other ports in W.A how come nothing has been seen or found !?………

newsted - as the crow flies

godsmack - come together (beatles cover)

godsmack - rocky mountain way (joe walsh cover)

breaking bad remix
love this style of remixing, guy that makes these has a new one out at the moment but I think this one is better. enjoy!

I said the sparrow - royals (lorde cover)
Local perth band.

Happy Birthday!!!

thanks :)

pop evil - trenches